Dawn  Brennan - Artist
Over the years I have made art in many ways in many kinds of media—oil painting and graphite drawing, watercolor and charcoal, and most recently acrylic painting and ceramic sculpture. I change according to the limits and possibilities of the medium, and, being always interested in skill-building, I have stepped up to certain challenges that take me in unfamiliar directions.

My one consistent life goal is to discover the truth about the seen world, and to understand how the eye, hand and medium bring that discovery about.

Themes that recur in my work include loss, self delusion, gender roles, and the artificiality of idealization.

Recently I have been making fantasy landscapes based loosely on science fiction and the American West—spaces empty and eternal, a product of the human mind, but also a realm beyond it.

I’m very excited to discover ceramic sculpture. I’ve been doing a series of small figures that express movement, gesture or tension. Like some of my paintings, these figures evoke plant, rock and human forms. Ceramics has enabled me to see the human head in a whole new way. After so many years of drawing, I thought I understood the head pretty well; but tackling it in 3D is both humbling and exhilarating. I am reminded again and again of how much there is to know.

Pictured: "The Towers of Trasch," oil, 16" x 20"